Collection: Recurring Dream

Art Nouveau is characterized by the use of long organic lines with moderate and dark colours. Mustard yellow, dark red, shades of green, violet and blue are some of the most recurring colours. The specific ornamental characteristics of this modern style were asymmetrical, rising and falling patterns of lines, which used to take the form of flowers, buds, insect wings, vine tendrils and other motifs inspired by nature. This collection draws inspirations from dreamlike, exotic floral and geometric motifs of art nouveau to create original dreamy prints. 

The reimagined prints are brought to life by using the old-age hand block printing craft on handwoven cotton. Combining traditional and modern influences the silhouettes spread like tendrils evoking enchanting confidence. Together, the prints and the silhouettes reflect a bohemian spirit. This collection is an ode to that dreamy sweet spot in a recurring dream that makes you wake up with a smile.