Collection: Desert Bloom

The Thar Desert, also known as the Great Indian Desert is a place of stark beauty and silence, where the days are hot and the nights freezing. The harsh landscape of the Thar Desert supports a surprisingly large number of plant species. These plants have adapted to desert conditions, some have deep root systems, others have smaller or no leaves and some herbaceous plants are ephemerals in that they live in short cycles; they germinate in the first rains and die by the time the soil dries up, leaving behind seeds that will bloom again.

Inspired by the breathtaking and mesmerising beauty of the Thar Desert, this collection is made using bold and contrasting ikat fabrics and patterns. The stranglers from trees have been rendered as drawstrings in the silhouettes. Obsessive about shape and design, the garments boast powerful and provocative forms by exploring cuts and designs from different natural elements of the desert. Our debut resort collection is elegant as well as festive, reflecting the nomadic lifestyle of today’s chic traveler.