Collection: Ocean Of Stories

Inspired by the exquisite handicraft of Kashmiri paper mâché, this collection is based on an imaginative Kashmiri folklore. It is a marriage of Kashmiri silhouettes reinterpreted and reconstructed in two toned hand-woven cotton, with subtle color blocking and a spread of floral paper mâché elements in white.

An ode to Kashmir and a treasure trove of tales, this collection is inspired by the nature; reflected in the color palette and the paper mâché elements applied as embroidery with woolen thread. The collection’s sophisticated looks are built on refined simplicity of this art form. The combination of cultural and modern influences is layered and romantic which make this collection timeless and opulent. Entitled ‘Ocean of Stories’, this collection narrates the intricacies of the craft of paper mâché, woven and embroidered onto the garments creating a breathtaking fantasy.