Collection: Of Myriad Minds

Clothes embody emotions as much as they spell an individual’s personality. Whether it is excitement, love, anger or confusion, every colour, every textile, every print and every silhouette from this collection exudes a certain emotion. Exploring various shades of human emotions, using different embroidery techniques our Spring Summer 2020 collection, ‘Of Myriad Minds’ is composed of a colourful palette. The silhouettes are defined with a fresh and modern approach to style using fabrics and embroideries that are developed to showcase a different perspective and narrative behind each emotion.

The design process echoes various moods and contrasting mindsets such as romance and violence. It is reflective of these extreme emotions and feelings and everything in-between that is showcased in this collection. Defined by playful hand-woven cotton fabrics that are juxtaposed with contrasting checks and stripes this collection strikes a fine balance between eccentricity and elegance with an underlying melancholy.